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“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” ~Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

"CAFOs are only profitable because so much of the cost and damage is externalized onto the environment, neighbors and wildlife. The monitoring, supervision, clean-up, restitution, fines are not happening, thus the true cost of CAFOs never find the way onto the balance books." Talking point from the CAFO Conference.

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”
~Aldo Leopold, 1948. A Sand County Almanac.

June 24 Update on High Capacity Well from Save Copper Creek

For More Information - Bob Van Hoesen, 608-735-4117

The DNR has released a document which represents its proposed conditions and responses to public comments on the proposed high-capacity well. Download the document here.

The DNR has set a deadline of July 22 for public response, after which its final decision will be released.

The Save Copper Creek Steering Committee, along with its attorneys and expert advisors, are currently reviewing the document. We will submit a response on behalf of the group by the July 22 deadline. Several of us, along with members of Trout Unlimited, met personally with the DNR on June 22 to voice our concerns and discuss the well. While we are pleased to see conditions placed on the applicant's use of the well, we still have grave concerns about enforcement and verification of those conditions, plus the scientific evidence on which the proposed approval is based.

We have already collected nearly 500 signatures on petitions. Because of the added time for responding to the DNR, we're extending our target date for gathering signatures. Please continue to gather signatures and send them to us by Friday, July 8.
Crawford Stewardship Project
P.O. Box 284
Gays Mills, WI 54631

We have printed 100 yard signs and already have distributed about a third of those. If you would like a yard sign for posting in a high-visibility location, please let me know and we'll get you one.

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The Water Belongs to All of Us !



June 24th News Release

Save Copper Creek today released the following statement in response to the DNR's preliminary decision on the high-capacity well proposed in the Town of Utica.

Save Copper Creek continues to have grave concerns about the proposed high-capacity well. The DNR's preliminary approval of the well includes some sensible limits on the amount and purposes of water withdrawals, but monitoring, enforcement and verification are still major problems. Furthermore, we question the scientific conclusions on which the DNR's decision relies. We have consulted with reputable hydrogeologists and fisheries biologists who have serious reservations about the environmental analysis done by the department.

Over the next several weeks, Save Copper Creek will be drafting a complete and well-documented response to the DNR's proposed approval of the well. At the same time, we will continue to share our concerns with the public and pursue a variety of options to protect the water resources of our community. We have collected more than 500 petition signatures against the well and are thankful for the widespread community backing for our efforts.

Save Copper Creek is a project of the Kickapoo Cultural Exchange, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. The group may be reached at