Crawford Stewardship Project works to protect the environment of Crawford County and neighboring regions from threats of polluting and extractive industries, to promote sustainable land use, environmental justice, and local control of natural resources

Crawford Stewardship Project is a nonprofit organization.
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Crawford Stewardship Project is grateful for the generous support of RESIST, Inc. RESIST funds and supports grassroots groups organizing on the frontlines of the peace, economic, social, and environmental justice movements.

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” ~Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

"CAFOs are only profitable because so much of the cost and damage is externalized onto the environment, neighbors and wildlife. The monitoring, supervision, clean-up, restitution, fines are not happening, thus the true cost of CAFOs never find the way onto the balance books." Talking point from the CAFO Conference.

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”
~Aldo Leopold, 1948. A Sand County Almanac.

Don’t Take Another Bite Until You See FOOD, INC.

How much do you know about the food we buy at the local supermarket? Learn the surprising and often shocking truths about what we eat and how it is produced. View the local showing of FOOD, INC. This 90 minute documentary film and discussion will be presented on Tuesday, October 19 th from 7-9:00 pm at Gays Mills Community Building, 212 Main St. and is co-sponsored by Gays Mills Library and Crawford Stewardship Project.

In Food, Inc. producer-director Robert Kennner brings the voices of food experts, farmers, businessmen, government representatives, investigative journalists and food advocates together to reveal where our food comes from and how it is made. We learn the truths about an industry that puts profit ahead of consumer health, safety, the environment and the American farmer. We Americans are facing epidemic levels of diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Food, Inc. illustrates how this is happening to an uninformed public. You will never look at dinner the same way again. Seeing this movie might change your life!

Contact CSP for more information at 608-735-4277.