Crawford Stewardship Project works to protect the environment of Crawford County and neighboring regions from threats
of polluting and extractive industries, to promote sustainable land use,
environmental justice, and local control of natural resources

Crawford Stewardship Project is grateful for the generous support of RESIST, Inc. RESIST funds and supports grassroots groups organizing on the frontlines of the peace, economic, social, and environmental justice movements.

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” ~Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

"CAFOs are only profitable because so much of the cost and damage is externalized onto the environment, neighbors and wildlife. The monitoring, supervision, clean-up, restitution, fines are not happening, thus the true cost of CAFOs never find the way onto the balance books." Talking point from the CAFO Conference.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated," Mahatma Gandhi
"Producers need to ask themselves what would the public think? How would ten people picked at random from an airport or bus station react to (your) animal rearing, transport or slaughter practices?"
Dr. Temple Grandin


CSP Calendar

~August 21st, 1:30-3:30: Herbs in Permaculture Walk
Presented by the Driftless Herbal Education Network
Hosted by Kathy Crittenden, E8022 Bakkom Road, Viroqua
For directions, call 608-637-6159 or contact
Kathleen S. Crittenden Pheasant Walk Permaculture E8022 Bakkom Road Viroqua, WI 54665 USA 1-608-637-6159

~August 23rd, 7-8pm: FLOW Panel Discussion on Water Quality in Wisconsin
Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway will host it's second panel discussion on water quality in Wisconsin on Tuesday at the Wyoming Valley School Cultural Arts Center, located at 6306, Highway 23, (South of Spring Green).
The discussion will focus on the personal reasons 16 Wisconsin residents filed a “Petition for Correction Action” with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last fall.
Three of those petitioners will be on the panel to share their stories. They include: Ron Grasshoff, FLOW board member and Lodi Valley Waters protector; Doug Jones, a protector of Norton Slough, Spring Green; and Cheryl Nenn, a Milwaukee Riverkeeper.
The fourth panelist will be Kimberlee Wright, the executive director of Midwest Environmental Advocates, who coordinated the legal action on behalf of the state residents who have been personally impacted by deteriorating water quality near their homes.
The event is free and open to the public.
If you are able; please sign up at our Facebook event page:

~August 25th 9am-3:30pm: Karst Workshop in Dodgeville: “Conservation in Karst Landscapes”
303 W. Chapel Street, Dodgeville, Wisconsin
UW Extention and the Wi Geological and Natural History Survey are giving a presentation on our local topography and hydrology.
Learning objectives include:
• Gain a basic understanding of the bedrock geology of southern/southwest Wisconsin, how the geology increases the risk of groundwater contamination; gain a basic understanding of how highly permeable soils are a risk factor for groundwater contamination
• Understand the basic process that goes into investigating a well contamination incident and how the DNR works with local resource agencies to identify the potential sources of contamination.
• Understand the tools local counties are using to determine depth to bedrock and map higher risk areas, and examine the strategies they have used to protect the groundwater resource
• Understand the tools that township officials have at their disposal to address the problems
• Explain how to use field observations and mapping tools to locate karst features and be able to identity common karst features in the field.
This event is targeted towards: Town officials, County resource managers, Private sector consultants, farmers, and other local interested citizens.
To attend you must Register Here

~August 25th, 6-8pm: Community Hunger Solutions: An Open Community Conversation
Food Enterprise Center Conference Room (1201 N Main St, Viroqua, Wi)
You are invited to an open conversation regarding the future of Community Hunger Solutions. We are looking for enthusiasm and ideas for our mission of expanding access to quality local food and reducing waste. Help shape the future of the organization!

~August 30th, 10:30am: Great River Graziers Pasture Walk
55705 Stoney Point Rd.
Seneca, WI 
Learn about gaging the soil health & fertility, sward composition & density & animal stocking rate of converted CRP (with trees) paddocks via rapid rotational grazing & silvopasture principles. Randy Mell, Natural Resource Educator, will also present.
If you have questions, want more information, etc. be sure to either call 608-326-0223 and talk to Vance Haugen, Crawford County UW-Extension Agriculture Agent or send Vance an e-mail. 
Contact Emile Smith and Jay Glommen-McCloskey (608) 874-4310 

~September 3, 7:30pm: Karst Cabaret – an Orogenic Event
Watercrest Café (209 Main St, Gays Mills)
Getting our rocks off by getting off on rocks… an inventive look at our environment (getting karsted)
Music by Lotus Head
Questions? Contact: 608 735-4663

~September 10-11, Factory Farming Summit: “Demanding Accountability in Animal Agriculture”

Radisson Hotel and Conference Center, Oneida Nation, Green Bay, WI
Join us in Green Bay, Wisconsin this fall for the Factory Farm Summit! This is a great opportunity for people all over the country to meet with experts, network with other concerned citizens, and learn how to hold factory farms accountable in your community.
All across the country, family farmers and rural citizens are saying “enough is enough” to factory farms and the agribusiness industry. The faces may be different but their stories are similar.
More information is available on our website:

Tickets are available now at: Space is limited.
For carpooling from SW Wisconsin, contact Forest Jahnke 608-632-2183 or

~September 20th, 10:30am: Great River Graziers Pasture Walk with Susie & Doug Konichek
54226 Duha Ridge Rd. Steuben, WI 
Learn about high water table, creek & marsh/swamp pasture management for dairy rotational grazing options & paddock/pasture renovation
If you have questions, want more information, etc. be sure to either call 608-326-0223 and talk to Vance Haugen, Crawford County UW-Extension Agriculture Agent or send Vance an e-mail.
Contact Susie/Doug Konichek (608) 874-4310 

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State of our union is tied to the state of our climate
Citizens' Climate Lobby responds to 2015 State of the Union
full story here

Interactive "fraccidents" map, state by state. Access the page for Arkansas at
The other states are also accessible.

Water Quality Monitoring
CSP is looking for people to do water quality monitoring around the Wauzeka CAFO, sand mining operations, as well as other threatened waters in Crawford County. Monitor training is free and provided by Valley Stewardship Network.


All of us need to take an active role in creating and forging the direction of future growth in our area as well as protecting our natural resources.

CSP has accomplished much in the past few years thanks to the many people who have volunteered to help. Now more than ever CSP needs your help. If you can give a few hours once in a while or help with a few hours ongoing, we would appreciate your efforts. CSP and would love to hear from you.

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Books and Videos about CAFOs, sustainable agriculture, water and food issues, etc. available at the Crawford County libraries
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