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“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” ~Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

"CAFOs are only profitable because so much of the cost and damage is externalized onto the environment, neighbors and wildlife. The monitoring, supervision, clean-up, restitution, fines are not happening, thus the true cost of CAFOs never find the way onto the balance books." Talking point from the CAFO Conference.
“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”
~Aldo Leopold, 1948. A Sand County Almanac.

Crawford Stewardship Project News  and Actions

September 1, 2017


As the climate de-stabilizes, solidarity among all our communities becomes ever more important. Here's your local opportunity to help those in need on the Gulf!

All hands on deck to defend local control!

Crawford Stewardship Project supports the Wisconsin Towns Association statement below. We stand in solidarity with all municipalities across Wisconsin and our right to define our own futures through the use of local law.

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We are passing along an urgent legislative alert regarding frac sand & mining from the Wisconsin Towns Association. The WTA is currently calling all Clerks in Wisconsin to make sure this is received at the town board level. Please read the below information, and contact your legislators immediately. Thank you!


For some time, we have been battling the frac sand industry and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce that want to completely eliminate the ability of local government to regulate air, water, blasting, or anything related to quarries, frac sand, or any mining. In attempt to preserve your ability to protect town citizens’ health, safety, welfare, roads, and property values through reasonable regulation, WTA has been attempting to reach a compromise with the aggregate industry. The compromise would have preserved a vast majority of town authority, while allowing for a little regulatory easing in unique situations that would have in theory decreased aggregate prices.

This effort to achieve a regulatory balance is in deep jeopardy of being defeated by those who don’t want you to have the ability to protect your own neighborhood. Instead, these interests are winning the battle. Current efforts would significantly inhibit your ability to protect your community.

Worse yet, without your help the existing proposals are likely to be incorporated into the budget despite the fact that the effort has nothing to do with state finances.

We are still working with legislative leaders to produce a reasonable compromise, but we don’t feel we can be successful without your help.

The budget will be finished this week and we need your immediate phone calls to motivate legislators to work with us to preserve local government authority to protect citizen health, safety, welfare, roads, and property values.

Please call and tell them:

1) Any efforts to eliminate local government authority to regulate frac sand and aggregate mining should be included in a separate bill, not the state budget.

2) Local government must have the ability to protect health, safety, welfare, roads, and property values.

Wisconsin Towns Association
W7686 County Road MMM, Shawano, WI 54166-6086


Refuse Premium Iowa Pork's Wastewater!

Premium Iowa Pork is an industrial hog slaughter plant that wants Viroqua or a nearby city to treat its waste. This operation is a threat to health and safety, local tourism, and groundwater. Groundwater in this area of the state is highly susceptible to contamination due to the sensitive karst geology much like in Kewaunee County where over one third of the water from tested wells are unsafe to drink or use, due to high levels of nitrates, bacteria, or both.

If you are a concerned citizen of Vernon County, or any ally in nearby counties or a tourist who may be affected by this, and if you support only smart growth for our beautiful area, sign this petition and let our representatives on the city council and the county and town boards know!

CSP is consulting with concerned citizens and is supporting their actions.

Click here for more information and to sign the petition.


Check out this fun and educational upcoming event put on by our Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riveryway and DNR!


Upcoming Events

- Hillsboro Farmers Market, September 2nd
- Prairie Street Farmers Market, September 2nd
- Ferryville Farmers Market, September 2nd
- Viroqua Farmers Market, September 2nd
- Farmers Market at Former NCR Building, September 5th, Viroqua
- Gays Mills Farmers Market, September 6th
- Viroqua Farmers Market, September 6th
- Wisconsin's Green Fire Annual Meeting, September 8th and 9th, Baraboo
- Pasture Walk in Genoa, September 8th
- Hillsboro Farmers Market, September 8th
- Prairie Street Farmers Market, September 8th
- Ferryville Farmers Market, September 8th
- Viroqua Farmers Market, September 8th
- Farmers Market at Former NCR Building, September 12th, Viroqua
- Gays Mills Farmers Market, September 13th
- Viroqua Farmers Market, September 13th
- Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board Meeting, September 14th, Spring Green

See details on these and many more inspiring actions and events in our

CSP Community Calendar


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